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3 Paths to Simple Health Success

Community Connection

The Get WISE level of T3 membership offers community, connection, workshops & trainings, challenges, and the WISE Choices course. Monthly Q&A for when you need added support.

Cohorts & Group Coaching

The Tension Taming Team tier of H3 membership gets you greater accountability and peer support with cohorts and group coaching as well as more trainings every month from a collective of experts.


The WISE LIFE Personal Progress PATH programming plus Mastermind Experience.

Monthly 1:1 sessions plus weekly coaching calls and ongoing access to messaging support.

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Live Well with Less Effort.

Health is true wealth! Invest in your healthy happiness. Prevention isn't sexy and yet it's a much healthier relationship than you get with a quickie. Stop chasing pain with fast fixes that don't give you lasting relief. Thrive lifelong! Start taming your tension the WISE way!

Simplifying Healthy Happiness for

Better Human Being

Who wants more to do on their to-do list? I sure don't, do you? Get WISE with Wendy to discover simple health foundations so that you don't have to do more to live well. Healthy doesn't have to be complicated!

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Community support and accountability help you stay on track and get the results you desire. Especially important for the Genx feel-old folks to go from GenXhausted to GenXcellent before it's too late. Anyone seeking less pain, more energy, and physical ease for fun-loving freedom lifelong will love the Happier Healthier Humans T3 Community Collective.

Community sharing and support

Monthly masterclass trainings

Coaching office hours to answer your questions

Resources library of guides, recipes, workbooks and more

Terrific techniques for taming your tension and soothing your stress

Special trainings and workshops from a collective of other experts and coaches

Boost Vitality, Relieve Tension, Soothe Stress!

I'm Wendy S Wiseman, a movement & mindset health coach specializing in pain relief & prevention for limitless longevity.

Get WISE with coaching, courses & community that help you reclaim healthy vitality, move out of pain and rediscover physical freedom!

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